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The Stupendous Mr. Magichead with child audience assistant wearing oversized hat.

Performing to rave reviews in hundreds of shows annually for over 20 years has elevated Massachusetts comic magician John Sullivan to master status among children's entertainers.

.Preschool children and families laughing loudly at The Stupendous Mr. Magichead show.
Appearing as his kid show character The Stupendous Mr. Magichead, and accompanied by any number of mischievous bunnies, Sullivan stirs up a whirlwind of energy, silliness, and trickery that leaves the audience (young and old alike) howling for more. Mr. Magichead's rapport with the children is immediately obvious.  Instead of talking down to them, he talks TO them, almost becoming one of them himself - seemingly just as amazed as they are by the magical happenings.

Hootin' and hollerin' are encouraged, but at the same time The Stupendous Mr. Magichead maintains a subtle control over the audience.  As one parent remarked, he is "able to create rapt attention one moment, and elicit squeals of delight the next".

Audience members are frequently invited onstage to assist, and The Stupendous Mr. Magichead's interaction with them clearly demonstrate his respect for their intelligence, and his Zen-like ability to make them laugh.  And laugh they do.  One reporter counted 206 outbursts during a forty minute show. While the vehicle of the performance is magic, the journey is strictly for fun.

Scatterbrained, clumsy and oblivious, The Stupendous Mr. Magichead is a magician for whom magic is still a mystery. Circumstances constantly get the best of him, to his chagrin and the children's delight. However, to the amazement of all, everything works out perfectly in the end.  Just like magic.

Unsolicited thunderous applause and reviews for kid's entertainer The Stupendous Mr. Magichead...
Various kid's comedy magic show options with availability based on audience size and venue conditions.   The Mr. Magichead Show for small audiences, including children's birthday parties, libraries, and preschools.  For larger groups The  Mr. Magichead School Show for audiences up to 400 people, and the The Stupendous Mr. Magichead Show 
designed for big audiences...
Contact and/or book The Stupendous Mr. Magichead, a full-time professional entertainer since 1986.  Mr. Magichead's only job is entertaining groups of children ages 3-10 and their families with energetic magic and comedy. No balloon animals, no puppets, no ventriloquism, no juggling, no singing, no dancing, no jokes.  Just surprising magic and hilarity...
  Childrens birthday parties are blast and a breeze as your living room is instantly transformed into The Mr. Magichead Theatre and your little guests are spellbound with laughter and amazement for nearly an hour.  Just add cake and ice cream to create a splendid birthday party experience! Preschools & daycare kids are the perfect audience for The Stupendous Mr. Magichead, and an enjoyable break for your teachers! Preschool show contains numerous educational benefits...   Whether it's a fun elem. school assembly, elementary school family fun night, elementary school ice cream social, elementary school spree day entertainment, or fun child-centered fundraiser, The Stupendous Mr. Magichead's Elementary School Show makes the grade!   One of the most appreciative audiences of The Stupendous Mr. Magichead's style is the Cub Scout pack meeting or Blue & Gold Banquet.  Recent performances for Cub Scout Pack 28 Dunstable MA, Pack 41 Marlborough MA
Libraries can end their summer reading programs with a bang or put the trick back in "trick or treat" at Halloween  celebrations.  Recent performances by The Stupendous Mr. Magichead at Richards Memorial Library in Paxton MA, South Hadley (MA) Public Library and Leicester (MA) Pubic Library   Hilarious for children ages 3-10, but mystifying to kids of all ages, The Stupendous Mr. Magichead  makes magic cool again.  Fairs, festivals and parks & recreation departments have been pleasantly surprised time & again, having had lesser results in the past with feckless "magicians"...  Make it magical in Massachusetts with The Stupendous Mr. Magichead, a MA-based children's magic show and kid's birthday party magician.  Recent appearances listed here  Shows for the little ones in the Littlest State. Recently amazed communities in Rhode Island include Newport RI, Providence RI, Cumberland RI and Portsmouth RI.  Recent Connecticut area children's comedic-conjuring appearances listed here Summer better than others...Hampton Beach, NH and The Stupendous Mr. Magichead prove it time and again.  Communities recently experiencing astonishment in New Hampshire include Pelam NH (Pelam Elem. School), Atkinson NH (birthday party) and Hollis NH.  Communities served in Vermont...   Ayah, The Stupendous Mr. Magichead  can get they-ah  from he-ah.  Recently Mr. Magichead was  stupendously received in Wells ME (campground) Ogunquit ME (Private function at Cliff House), Portsmouth ME (birthday party) and Boothbay Harbor ME (Wedding). Communities served in Maine listed here

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The Stupendous Mr. Magichead 
An Accidentally Funny Magician entertaining children ages 3-10 and kids-at-heart of all ages at birthday parties, schools and family events in MA, NH, RI, CT, VT, ME.
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